Final Girl

First up the teaser trailer for Final Girl(2011):

Shot a whole month before production began, Director James Plumb and DP James Morrissey went out into the woods with several bottles of fake blood and shot themselves a teaser trailer!

Next, we have the full trailer for Final Girl (2011):

Containing footage from the production itself, the full trailer received its first screening at the Chapeter Arts Centre on 4th July 2011.

Also at the 4th July screening, we screened a sneak preview of the Virgin Media Shorts edit of the film:

Shorter than the intended final version, editors James Plumb and James Morrissey chopped the film right down for the film to be eligible under the VMS guidelines. Although not the full version, we’re still very proud of it.


A masked killer stalks his prey…


Melody Brain

David Morgan

Cari Barley

Helena Bishton

Donna Fletcher

Rose Granger

Ella John

Hannah Jones

Catherine Kelleher

Sarah Plumb

Rachael Southcott

Mel Stevens

Rachael Southcott

Sarah Louise Tyler

Charlotte Wallis Bone


Written and Directed by James Plumb

Director of Photogrphy – James Morrissey

Edited by James Morrissey and James Plumb

1st AD – David Morgan

2nd AD – Victoria Rodway

Head of Art Design – Rachael Southcott

Sound by Sturt Catley

Music by James Morrissey

Production Manager – Fran Plumb

Production Assistant – Elisbeth Henshall

Make Up Assistant – Laura Clarke

Props Master – Hedd-Wyn Isaac Padraig Dominic Dixon-de-Cevier

Stills by Victoria Rodway, Matt Armitage and Sarah Plumb