A New Year, A New You (and me)

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The fine guys and gals at Fetch Publicity invited me to join in their promotion for “A New Year, A New You”, which is all about bloggers and film fans getting outside their comfort zone and watching films they wouldn’t normally see.

So as a lifelong horror fan, I thought I couldn’t get further outside my comfort zone than volunteering to watch a bunch of musicals. Prior to this the only musicals I’ve watched and enjoyed have been:

So Fetch have sent me the following mix of classic and new musicals to watch, none of which I’ve seen:

So dear reader won’t you join me on this terrifying adventure into the dark soul of this musical genre???

You can pick up the films here:


But there’ll also be a tweet linking to this blog post, retweet it and Fetch will choose one of you to send you the films to: @madsciencefilms

 Take my hand, there’s nothing to be afraid of…

  Do you hear something? It sounds like singing…

   (Hold me.)


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