Artbiz with Tommy Creep

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Artbiz explores that middle ground between “art” and “business”. How genuinely creative people manage (or do not manage) to carve out a living doing what they love. How they juggle dayjobs, families, real life, relationships, paying bills and doing their craft/art.

Tommy Creep is a creative entrepeneur who does it all, runs a cassette label, makes music, organises horror conventions, designs posters and flyers. He is a one-man tour de force. He was kind enough to find the time to answer the artbiz questions!

Q1 First can you introduce yourself? Who are you? Do you have dependents? Do you have a mortgage? Are you the sole income earner?

Tommy Creep. I share a small 2 bed flat that I rent. No children, just a hamster named Mary Shelley.

Q2 What do you do creatively? How long have you been doing it?

Music, performing as Tommy Creep/with my band Lupen Tooth also putting on Bristol Horror Con and other smaller events. Been doing pretty much the same thing for about ten years.

14218249_10154087266888401_342900805_nQ3 If you have one, what’s your day job? How long have had you that?

I work on the exams team at a music college. About a year.

Q4 What are the benefits of your day job?

Stability also it’s compatible with the rest of my projects as it sort of relates to the same industry.

Q5 What are the drawbacks of the day job?

45 hours a week working for someone else.

Q6 Your art/craft is it a hobby/ a side gig/ your dream job/ your full time job?

Essential creative fulfillment, the dream is to only have to work part time for someone else.

14218469_10154087266883401_1230635566_nQ7 How much of what you do creatively is dictated by commercial consideration?

Almost none of the original vision, then just try to do it in a way that makes sense financially.

Q8 Have you turned down commissions? If so, why?

Have started to limit the amount of graphics/art that I do for free.

Q9 Do you have a long term plan? A series of short term plans? Plans, never heard of them?!

Sustain the day job to continue to fund my art/projects.

Q10 What do you think of your “industry”?

DIY is best! Trying to exist outside of the industry is best whilst understanding how it works for when being part of it is unavoidable.

Q11 Is there anyone out there that you aspire to be like? Why?

Rob Zombie, Elivra – business-savvy horror icons!


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