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So what is Artbiz?

For awhile I’ve been thinking about that middle ground between “art” and “business”. How genuinely creative people manage (or don’t manage) to carve out a living doing what they love. How they juggle dayjobs, families, real life, relationships, paying bills and doing their craft/art. I know from personal experience that it can be a struggle.

The majority of interviews I’ve read by creative people, don’t tend to go into this side of things. Instead they focus on the craft, the product or the technique.

There was a void of information.

So I thought I’d have a go at filling that void.

I’m lucky, through my adventures in filmmaking and writing I’ve come into the orbit of a number of incredibly talented people. Some have made it BIG. Some are on their way. Some are just starting out. Some are close friends. Some are colleagues. Some are just internet friends.

I asked them all if they’d be happy to help me out with an experiment.

The majority very kindly said yes.

I bombarded them with a series of short questions. They very quickly sent me back their answers. And what was particularly amazing about their answers was their brutal honesty.

So, with their permission, I’m sharing their answers each week, as a very short blog post “Artbiz”.

Within their answers, I found some great advice. Hopefully you guys will also find it useful. You can use their experiences as how-to guides or even self-therapy if you prefer.

We’ve got interviews with:

  • filmmakers,
  • writers,
  • comic book artists,
  • singers,
  • actors,
  • models,
  • journalists,
  • musicians,
  • and more to come.

I’ve kept them short and sweet, because I know you guys are busy people.

I’d also love to hear from you! Are there vital questions I’m missing out? Got a recommendation for the perfect interview candidate?

Let me know.



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