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So Project FULT has finally been revealed as my first novella “Little Monster”.

Very, very proud of this piece of work, so I thought I’d share some of the background of how I ended up here. Middle of last year, I decided to put the filming on the back-burner due to health reasons within my family. It was a hard decision, but the right one for me at the time. The day after I made the decision, Wayne Simmons (author, horror convention organiser and lovely humanoid) dropped me a message to ask if I’d like to take part in a zombie novella event as part of David Moody’s (author, bald and also lovely humanoid) Infected Books label. I was speechless.

Wayne has always been a huge supporter of my work, we met back in 2012 at a comic convention and he invited me to the inaugural Scardiff convention, Wales’ first horror convention, the next year. He’s written numerous reviews of my films and mentioned them on his podcasts and recommended them onto others. He’s also an incredibly talented author able to work across genres effortlessly. Do yourself a favour and check out “Flu” (horror), “Plastic Jesus” (sci-fi) or “The Girl in the Basement” (crime). His character work is mind-blowing and he’s a master of pacing.

When I did regain my speech, I told him I was honoured but could I have twenty-four hours to think about it. I’d just decided to put my family first and although I’d written a number of scripts over the past few years, it had been awhile since I had written prose, let alone a novella.

But… But I was intrigued. It was a challenge, could I write a novella? And I had an idea, dammit, I had an idea. Originally it was a film idea, one that I had plotted out, and written about 40 pages of script for. But there were elements of the idea, which appeared to work better as prose. Being able to get inside a character’s head more readily, as an example.

So I bit the bullet and agreed.

Aaaaand it was a challenge. A fun/rewarding/terrifying/frustrating challenge. It is nothing like script-writing, and another time I’ll go into where I found the differences most daunting.

I’d like to thank all of those who gave me feedback on early drafts of the book, you truly did help shape the book in a better way, so thank you all!

I’d also like to specifically thank three people.

Firstly Wayne Simmons, thank you, sir. Thank you for years of support and advice, you are an inspiration.

Secondly to Mr David Moody, whose brilliant idea this was. When David revealed who the other participants were I was terrified, these guys were pros. But I’m incredibly grateful that he took a gamble on giving me a shot.

Lastly Fran Plumb, who has been so patient and supportive. When I’ve needed to hide myself away and bash out some words, Fran has handled two Little Monsters by herself. She’s been with me through the highs and lows, and I can’t imagine doing this without her.

Oh and finally, people have asked what ProjectFULT means…

Put simply it was my war cry at the start of every writing session:














Your six-year-old daughter has been bitten by a zombie and now hungers for human flesh.

What do you do?

Do you double tap her in the brain?

Or do you become the ultimate enabler and feed her human flesh?

And where do you get human flesh from?

This is the dilemma that Gareth and Jen face with their beautiful daughter Ana.

What will they do?

And how far will it go?

“Mr. Plumb has a deeply vivid and twisted imagination; and as a fan of horror fiction, I am very grateful for that.” – Gary Slaymaker, BBC Radio Wales

Available on Amazon US/UK from 1 June 2016

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