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Artbiz explores that middle ground between “art” and “business”. How genuinely creative people manage (or do not manage) to carve out a living doing what they love. How they juggle dayjobs, families, real life, relationships, paying bills and doing their craft/art.

Gareth Evans is a hero to many independent filmmakers. When I moved to South Wales, Gareth had just completed his first feature Footsteps (aka Vengeance Day) in Cardiff and was freely giving advice to other filmmakers just starting out. He went overseas to make a martial arts documentary and while there ending up making a martial arts film which was equal parts brutal and dynamic. Not one to forget the struggling filmmakers back home, he put on a screening in Cardiff with a Q&A. Jump forward a couple of years and Gareth has just made one of the most exciting action films in decades: The Raid. Again he kindly invites a bunch of us to the UK premiere of the film. And again Gareth has very kindly agreed to answer some questions for Artbiz.

Footsteps-poster-Gareth-Evans-721x1024Q1 First can you introduce yourself? Who are you?

Gareth Evans

Q2 What do you do creatively? How long have you been doing it?

Filmmaker. 8 years.

Q3 If you have one, what’s your day job? How long have had you that?

Live project by project for the last 8 years.

Q4 What are the benefits of your day job?

It’s what I have always dreamed of doing. Always feels like a privilege.

wRxpSCorVpPzBfnkO7LTnvJcC96Q5 What are the drawbacks of the day job?

The near constant uncertainty of knowing if you’ll earn enough, if you’ll work enough (or again), if your career will last.

Q6 Your art/craft is it a hobby/ a side gig/ your dream job/ your full time job?

Its a hobby that has become my full time job.

Q7 How much of what you do creatively is dictated by commercial consideration?

None. I’m a miserable old fuck who doesn’t understand other peoples tastes and fashion so i wouldn’t know where to begin if I tried to cater for / imitate them.


The-Raid-posterQ8 Have you turned down commissions? If so, why?

Yes. Sometimes a project can be tempting on paper and could be good for the advancement of my career – but I always believe I have to have total conviction in every page of a script. If something doesn’t work for me on the page, I’ll never be able to sign off on a “good take” – once I foresee a problem like that emerging – I’m the wrong person for the job.

Q9 Do you have a long term plan? A series of short term plans? Plans, never heard of them?!

Just to hope that the stories I feel compelled to tell will still have their place in the market, and that I never let down an investor who shows faith in me.

the-raid-2-2014-07Q10 What do you think of your “industry”?

Mostly a frustrating, soul crushing place to work. But the pockets of magic make it worthwhile.

Q11 Is there anyone out there that you aspire to be like? Why?

Many, many filmmakers – but I assume that is more because when I watch their work I can be fully immersed in their world. Whenever i watch my own films all I can see is the artifice – all the cracks and creases we work to hide from the audience.





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